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Starting and Growing a Business

Consulting - Partners Tax & AccountingAre you a business owner or thinking of starting a business?

We can help you chose the proper business entity and help you set it up. We can also help you set up a bookkeeping system, whether you will be maintaining it or could use our help.

There are a multitude of federal, state and local tax and license filings that small businesses must file initially and on an a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Failing to file the right forms will result in your getting notices from several different government agencies, it can be overwhelming. Making a small business run and be profitable is challenging enough without also having to learn to be an accountant. We can help you determine what you must file and when, whether you are doing to do those duties yourself or could use our help.

Retirement Planning

Whether you are just starting your career thinking wanting to make sure you are planning for retirement right, are nearing retirement, or are already retired, we can help you make the right decisions to ensure you minimize the tax effects on your retirement funds. We can also help you understand how the different retirement plans work, the pros and cons of your options and which make the most sense for you. We can also help you determine the right withholding elections to make with your retirement plans and social security to make sure you aren’t hit with unexpected tax bills while on a fixed income.

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